At War with the Weather
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Erwann O. Michel-Kerjan

Erwann O. Michel-Kerjan

Dr. Erwann O. Michel-Kerjan is an authority on managing the risks, the financial impact and the public policy challenges associated with catastrophic events. He has worked extensively on terrorism, hurricane and flood insurance and how to reduce America's exposure and the need for federal disaster relief. His work focuses on developing strategies and policies for managing and financing extreme events, primarily natural disasters and mega-terrorism, optimal catastrophe risk sharing in public-private partnerships, climate change, the economics of national security, energy interdependence, and nonproliferation. His work also includes projects on critical services protection in collaboration with the defense industry and federal agencies., where he also teaches Value Creation in the Wharton M.B.A. program.

He is managing director of the Wharton Risk Management and Decision Processes Center at the Wharton School, where he also teaches Value Creation in the Wharton M.B.A. program. Dr. Michel-Kerjan is also Chairman of the OECD Secretary-General Board on Financial Management of Catastrophes, which advises its thirty-four member countries on these issues. He was named a Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum (Davos), an honor bestowed to recognize and acknowledge the most extraordinary leaders of the world under the age of 40; he co-led the Global Risks component of the G20 YGL Paris Initiative under the High Patronage of President Sarkozy.

Dr. Michel-Kerjan is the author of several acclaimed books, including, The Irrational Economist (PublicAffairs Books, with P. Slovic, 2010) and At War with the Weather (MIT Press, with H. Kunreuther, 2009; paperback 2011) which received the prestigious Kulp-Wright award for the most influential book on risk management. He is a regular contributor in the media and has given over 100 public speeches. He has studied at Polytechnique in France, McGill and Harvard.


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